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Every Day People
Currently in development for release later this summer. A series of ten short films about people's passions, their obsessions and practices that get them up every morning, keep them sane, healthy and inspired. In short, it s a series about dedication.

2023-07-01 (4)_edited.jpg
Hannah the Poet
Chris the Double Bass Player
2023-07-01 (7)_edited.jpg
Nicola the Doctor
2023-07-01 (5)_edited.jpg
Venetia the Artist
2023-07-01 (2)_edited.jpg
Rich the Guitarist
Walter The Social Housing Architect_edited.jpg
Walter the Social Housing Architect
Tim the Painter
2023-07-01 (6)_edited_edited.jpg
Mike the Composer
2023-07-01 (3)_edited.jpg
Joaquin the Gardener
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